V for Vendette

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Julie Pense English 101, sec DE 08/25/14 Rough draft V’s Prolixity In reading “V for Vendetta “by Alan Moore, I have come to an understanding that some of society see V as a terrorist and not for the good but in my opinion he is very mad and angry at society, the way it’s going with all the wrong and how the government is are treating its people. Which brings me to ask the question is “V” a terrorist or an anti- super hero to the people? The novel “V for Vendetta” has many different arguable points. One of “V” points would be, freedom or dictatorship. "V" has many complex and interesting sides to his character or shall we say archetype. See “V” is constant display of rebellion performances, his lack of respect for the current government system. Also, whether or not he is freedom is apparent, and his actions of undermining, destruction and murder have a reason, a connection, and a purpose. But what are they? You might ask, Evey sees no hope or chance at freedom or shall I say opportunities for the future and "V" gives her this hope, a feeling that it is possible, a change and that freedom can be accomplished. In “V’s” world, the government has taken all civil liberties from its citizens, in spying on anyone at any time without warrant or even now days the unwanted phone tapping and the governments right to see what citizens searched on google. “V” claims that the freedom and liberties the government stands for have become meaningless words and so have a large number of people within the US. “V” purpose is to awaken the public and rally, then to fight back against the government’s control in the wrong that it’s doing to its people. Freedom is limited by "V", and he knows this, but he is just one piece of the puzzle he is the destroyer. There must be another form of freedom, or opportunity, may be
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