Rap Music Has A Negative Impact On Young Adults

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Sociology-101 September 22, 2009 Rap Music has a Negative Impact on Young Adults Introduction: Rap music has become one of the most popular genres for young adults. I chose this topic to research because I think that rap music is very influential and causes a negative effect in the young adults’ life. When listening to rap songs, a lot of times an individual will hear many different negative references ranging from, implications that women are not equal to men and that money is everything, to rapping about sex and drugs like they are common everyday activities. People, young adults especially, are very vulnerable when it comes to suggestions, whether they are positive or negative. If someone constantly tells a teenager to steal a candy bar, most likely that teenager will eventually steal the candy bar. Repetition is what causes most individuals to follow through with their actions. For example, if raps about beating wives are repetitively on the radio, men are going to be more susceptible to the idea of beating their wives to get them to do what they want. Children from broken homes, tend to listen to rap more often because most rap songs rap about angry subjects and with a child already dealing with the difficulty of living in a broken home, the last thing they need is to look up to someone who is rapping about killing due to frustration. These lyrics are found in the song “Murder, Murder” By Eminem, “Drug her by her hair, smacked her up.” The lyrics before this line talked about how he wanted a woman to stop talking before he ‘blew the brains from out the back of her scalp.’ Rap music not only influences young adults in the violent way but it can also shape the way a lot of young adults live. For example, researcher, Walt Mueller said “They all wear the hip-hop clothes, speak hip-hop slang and accent, and
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