Persuasive Writing, Teens And Drugs

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Persuasive Writing The persuasive writing I am going to be writing about is “Teens falling into costly drugs trap” from the newspaper in Adelaide. The audience my persuasive writing is trying to talk to is a whole range on people. The people it is talking to are Teenagers, Young adults, Parents and Politicians. The purpose the text is telling us is about how teenagers or young adults are falling into deadly drug traps from drug traffickers. The reporter for the newspaper who did this piece is telling us how politicians are not taking crime and drugs seriously. He talks about how parents believe that their kids will never get unwittingly involved in organised gang, and he tells them to think again. Teenagers are falling into deadly drug traps by getting hooked on methamphetamines then getting into very large amounts of debt, which go up to around $1000+ Australian Dollars. The drug traffickers are then going to the parent’s house and threaten them to give them the money. The author of this context has used different techniques to suck the audience into believing about this newspaper article. He uses ways of scaring the readers by telling them the truth about what is happening in the very place they live at. He tells the readers that their very teenaged children may be a part of organised crime by buying drugs and getting into a lot of debt to very dangerous people. They may start at about 100$ for a ‘point of methamphetamine’ and then get addicted to the drugs and end up getting into very huge debts. He also states that you may get a knock at 2am at your door with a thug demanding money, and the only way to pay them without getting killed is to sell businesses to pay back the mounting debt that their children have gotten into. Another way the author uses persuasive is by stating that he interviewed a senior police officer who has been trying to stop this for

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