Raising Minimum Wage In America

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Americans Work for Little Pay In the article “Hardworking Americans should not be living in poverty” by Mary Kay Henry and Christine Owens, they argue that minimum wage in America should be raised. Although the author’s argument does evoke an emotional response to the issue and make the reader think about where our country is heading as a whole, their argument is very biased. Mary Kay Henry and Christine Owens claim raising minimum wage would not only help struggling Americans make ends meet but also stimulate our economy as a whole by giving these Americans more spending ability. Increasing minimum wage would help our families in need by allowing them to afford basic necessities as well as put money back into our local economies, thus making economic growth and a more sustainable future. Henry and Owens claim without an increase soon workers in minimum wage jobs will lose all financial security. With this in mind, they call for support of The Rebuild America Act and the Fair Minimum Wage Act to counteract the damage our economic meltdown has had and to make a better future for all Americans. The article also points out that the rich prosper…show more content…
However, other than the emotional response it does little to provide enough substantial evidence to completely sway a reader to jump on the bandwagon. The argument could have been much stronger if emotional response wasn’t all it pulled from the reader. Had Henry and Owens included any information about our richer 1% other than the negative light they shine on them, their argument could have been given more merit. The reader would have come away with a more informed viewpoint on the issue they want focused on which is raising minimum wage. Lee 4 Works Cited Henry, Mary K. and Christine L. Owens. “Hardworking Americans should not be living in poverty.” CNN. Cable News Network, 25 July 2012. Web. 28 Jan
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