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A Raisin In The Sun A Raisin In The Sun was a play by Lorraine Hansberry, that profiled the life of a struggling black family in Chicago, trying to make ends meet. This play starred on Broadway in 1959. The play was such a big hit, it was produced in 1961 by Daniel Petrie as a movie, and starred Famous actor, Sidney Poitier. The movie starts off with Walter Lee Younger, explaining to His wife Ruth that he wants to open up a liquor store with friends. The money he wants to use comes from an insurance check that his mother has received, for the passing of his father. He wants his wife to talk to his mother, and persuade her into giving him a cut of that money. Opening the liquor store could get his family back on their feet, but Ruth does not want to hear it. The check comes in that afternoon before Walter gets home. The mother tells Ruth to put it away. Walter comes in thinking of nothing but the money not even realizing that, his wife has something to tell him, that she is pregnant. He comes in with the paper that he needs to get signed and he keeps badgering his mother about them. She is not satisfied at the fact that her son wants to open this liquor store and tells him that the money that she received will not be used for such a thing. Walter does not realize that all of this is causing stress upon the family. His wife Ruth is thinking of getting an abortion, just to try and keep the family stable. The mother went downtown and put the money into getting them a new house. Walter is furious that she spent the money, but he does not truly understand her purpose of doing it. She wanted to get them out of the slums and into a place of their own. She mentions that the new house is in Clybourne Park. This house is on the other side of town in the white neighborhood. Walter is furious at the fact that she decided on getting them a home there. He says that she crushed

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