Rambling Rose Essay

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1. The Protagonist in the movie is the main character Rose who comes to live with a family as a housemaid. She does this because she wants to make a better life for herself and get away from prostitution which would happen if she stayed where she used to live. It appeared as though Rose wanted the whole family to like her and tried hard to please them. Shockingly though, she wanted the father of the family, Daddy Hillyer, to show her some affection one night when the mother was out of the house. She wanted to find the right man for her and wanted to be loved. 2. The antagonist in the movie is Daddy Hillyer since he tries to stand in the way for Rose’s quest to be loved. He also wanted to kick Rose out of the house but due to his wife’s sympathy was unable to after several occasions. He tells Rose that a dairy establishment is her new place to be but due to her ovarian cysts she could not leave. Hillyer also wanted both ovaries removed to make her less promiscuous. 3. The recognition/reversal in the movie Rambling Rose is when Rose realizes she needs to find her “Mr. Right” and not sleep around with so many guys. Another reversal is when Daddy Hillyer is in the Doctor’s office discussing whether Rose’s ovaries should be totally removed or not. After seeing how much his wife cared for Rose then he realizes that she is a sweet girl and does not deserve to take her womanhood away. He wants to give her a chance to find the right man and for her to be happy. When Rose thinks she has found the right man, she has a discussion with Buddy and states that a secret to girls is, “…[they] do not want sex, they want love.” This is recognition for Buddy since he did not know what Rose really wanted. Finally, another is when Buddy finds out that Rose passed away. He is sad, but knows that Rose will live

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