Quotes From Things Fall Apart

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1. " My mother explained that my father's realtives would not allow us to move in with any of her realatives because according to tribal marriage customs we were my father's property-her, myself, my brother and my sister ; therefore, as long as my father was alive, regardless of his being in prison, we had to stay put in is kaya, awaiting his eventual reuturn" (Mathabane 43)Papa's motivation was his strong beliefs in tribal gods. This quote shows his family also are stonr belivers. This shows that he can stronlgy stick to something he belives in. 2. Papas strenth was he always wanted to belive for the better as shown with this quote, "Father was under the illusion(because he was blinded by pride)...that someday all white people would disappear from South Africa, and black people would revert to their old way of living."(Mathabane 32)…show more content…
Papas weakness is that he fights over money with his wife. He wants to join a stockveil but mama says her money will only go to her childrens needs. I quote "The two begin to fight. Papa insist mama has to do what he says because bought her and owns her."(Mathabane 177) He needs to learn they are married and need to do whats best for the family in a safe way. 4. After a year in prison the Papa returned home. " He is a changed man; he drinks heavily and looks different."(Mathabane 52) Since this has happened he now calls his wife "the woman he bought" he also grew a deep hatred for white men after the hardships they had put him

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