Rag's To Say The Dog Is The Socit Analysis

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RAG’S TO RICHES THE SKY IS THE LIMIT Eastside watts , a rural area in southern los angeles. There lies a kid in a liquor store who is starving and will do anything to feed himself. The kids name is abiley and he is a child who doesn’t attend school , and lives his life stealing and selling drugs to make some kind of money. Ashley is his little brother and his right hand man . bailey is 16 , and Ashley is 13 , they both have never had father figure in their life so they have no guidance . there mom is a drug dealer , and a addict who stays cracked out twenty four hours a day. This family is living in apartment to apartment from month to month. One hot day during the summer , bailey and Ashley head to mcdonalds for some free air conditioning , as they walk in they see a guy with a long…show more content…
Their intrigued by his sweater , so they go up to the man and asked “do you play for the jack rabbits sir?”. The long beach poly jackrabbits being the number one high school football team in the nation , he replies with a deep toned voice “ no children , I am the head coach for the jack rabbits.” The two boys faces lit up with joy . looking bailey up and down he ask “do you play any ball little one?” , “no sir , I don’t even attend school as of now .” the coach is amazed and offers the two boys a offer “ if I enroll you two into long beach polytechnic high school , you both have to try out for the football team.” With the two boys faces smiling like no other , they tell the coach “ when can this happen?” , “right now “ the coach sayed. The boys are super excited to be enrolled in long beach polytechnic high school , and soon as they get to the school , they get even more excited. Heading to the counselors office , they see all the kids and want to make friends , but they

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