Rachel Before The Trial Analysis

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Rachel before the trial Rachel is the daughter of Hillsboro’s Reverend Brown. She is a fundamentalist but in my opinion it is not by choice but it is solely because was born to the Reverend. She loves her father dearly but it’s because of her father just the same that has become so one-track minded with her religion. Before the trial when she goes to see Cates, (who is the high school teacher being accused of teaching Darwinism) she wants him to give up Darwinism and to tell the court that what he did was a bad joke and a mistake. She says specifically that “Why can’t you be on the right side of things?”(Page 8). So basically she is anti Darwinism before the trial. Rachel after the trial After attending the trial and hearing the strong argument of Mr. Henry Drummond Rachel in my opinion was not the same. I think that the exposure to something new was all that Rachel needed to change her view of her religion. Now that the trial was over Rachel opened her mind into thinking that maybe going against what everyone believe can be a good thing to do in some instances. She shows just how much her mind has opened by reading Darwin’s theory which previously she would not b able to do because of her very narrow mind. Also at the end of the book she seems to show more understanding when it comes to his beliefs.…show more content…
When he first arrives to Hillsboro he is very confident that his prosecution will go very well. Some say that because of the great welcome he received, the sighting of all his fans, and his major popularity in the city overall caused him to become over zealous and arrogant. Since Christianity is all he knows, he is positive that Evolution is wrong and Christianity is right, but he soon finds out that this is not always the

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