Spanking Should Be Outlawed Essay

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Should Spanking be outlawed? A California assembly woman plans to introduce a state bill making it illegal to spank kids three and under. I feel the world has gone too far, trying to take away the parents right to discipline there children. I was raised according to the rules of the bible “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” My mother was not beating us (even if that is what we though at the time), we were learning. I now practice some of the same methods my mother used on me and my sister, and brother. I believe if a person stops bad or inappropriate behavior at an early age the child will remember and behave differently. I was so angry when I saw this article because I believe they are trying to do what we see on television everyday. Really; pretty so we will have microchips implanted in ours bodies, and have curfews on the streets at night. I take my job as a parent very serious, because I want my…show more content…
Well we were not suppose to bring cups out of the kitchen because someone will always knock it over and make a mess; so we began to put our cups on top of the refrigerator so it would be out the way and we could play. But the problem with that was if you did not push the cup back far enough when anyone open the freezer the cup would spill over making a mess and wetting who ever that opened it. This has happen to me once or twice no big deal, but when it happened to my other she was so mad. (Another lesson not everything is funny) Well she fussed and told us she did not want to see any cups up there and the next time who ever did it they was going to get a whipping. It did not take long for us to forget about the no cup on top of the refrigerator rule, and as luck would have it I had a big cup of ice cold Kool-Aid setting on top of the freezer, and who decide to come home early my wonderful mother. So she greets us and proceeds to open the freezer that cup fell and she was

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