Quality Circle Essay

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INNOVATION & QUALITY CIRCLES GUIDE FOR ASSESSMENT (ENHANCED) This guide provides a set of criteria items for each assessment dimension (Selection, Analysis, Solutions and Results) which is based on the original Innovation & Quality Circles Guide for Assessment. The team’s project is evaluated by the assessors based upon how well the team demonstrates that they have addressed the criteria items. Each criteria item scores a maximum of 3 points. The four assessing options for each criteria item: Assessing Option Not Covered Score 0 point Totally missing Touch upon but not clear. Not enough information is provided to determine if the team’s approach meets or could meet the criteria requirements. Sufficient information is provided that the team’s approach meets the criteria requirements. The team’s approach goes beyond meeting the criteria and provides additional clarity indicating increased accuracy in the team’s analysis, actions, and/or conclusions. Integration with other criteria items is apparent and enhances the team’s overall results. Description Unclear 1 point Meets Criteria 2 points Exceeds Criteria 3 points A. 1. SELECTION (18 points) PROJECT SELECTION (12 points) The project may be selected by the team or assigned by management but the process and basis for the selection of the project must be clear and well explained. This criterion also looks at how key stakeholders are impacted by the project and how team members were selected. 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 Describe the method and/or tool used to select the project and explain the criteria used. Explain the reasons why the project was selected. Explain how the team members were selected and how they were involved throughout the project. Explain how the stakeholders were identified and the potential impact on stakeholders were determined. 1 2. TARGET SETTING (6 points) This
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