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Semester 1 Semester 2 Unique Code: 248043 Unique Code: 345143 Remember: The assignment is compulsory and you need to hand it in on or before 18 March 2013 (semester 1) and 26 August 2013 (semester 2) to gain admission to the examination. The mark that you receive for Assignment 01 will contribute 20% to your final mark for the module. Assignment task In this assignment, you are required to negotiate your own entry into authentic counselling contexts, that is a place where purposeful encounters of a counselling nature to be happening. By context we mean any organisation or setting where people meet or engage with one another with an intention to achieve a certain goal, for example, it could be a community based counselling centre, a non-government organisation, community development project, or it may even be a group of veterans coming together to exercise on a weekly basis to prevent osteoporosis. 14 PYC3705/101 Submit a narrative account of no more than ten pages in which you describe and reflect on the following: (1) How you have engaged (or are thinking of engaging) with an organisation or group. You may wish to draw reference from Study Unit 1 and study Unit 5 in the Study Guide for Transformative Counselling Encounters where engaging in new contexts and checking-in is discussed. • Say something about the organisation or group (what they are about, where they come from, where they are going). • How did you come to know about them? • What is their main area of focus? Critically reflect on your observations of the setting. • What were you initial assumptions before engaging in this context? • How does your observation relate to some of the aspects discussed in part 2 of the Study Guide? Here you may discuss aspects pertaining to the social context as well as social issues that the organisation is grappling with. • In what way can his organisation be
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