Assignment 1: Sociological Analysis

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These questions are related to chapter one and the week two module. Read this chapter and module before responding. Developing one's sociological imagination/perspective involves seeing the general in the particular and seeing the strange in the familiar. Use at least one of these tools to sociologically analyze your own life. In others words, either discuss something familiar to you as something strange or discuss general patterns you notice in the behaviors of particular people. Which of the three main thoeretical approaches (structural functional, social conflict, or symbolic interactionism) best describes your view of society. In your opinion which best describes how society works? Explain why.…show more content…
In my family everyone is strictly religious and I have been attending Russian Orthodox Church since early childhood. I never had a deep understanding of why it is necessary to have certain religious beliefs and was always tired and annoyed by having to stand during the sermons. I rarely questioned any of the imposed moral standards and attended church regularly with my mother. It was something that I had to do because of our culture’s religion. Here in United States it took a different meaning since I realized that it provides a cultural bonding to people within the same culture. While I don’t attend church regularly any more, I see it as the place where I can socialize and relate to the people from the similar background. Although it is easy to label our society as social conflict, I don’t believe that social class differences in United States are as great as in other parts of the world. There are no significant gaps between lower, middle and upper classes and most importantly EVERYONE has an opportunity to move from being poor to rich by acquiring education that is easily available to everyone who desires to get it. It might take hard work but it is not impossible like in other

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