Sociological Imagination Essay

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S Personal Troubles and Public Issues: Exercising My Sociological Imagination Culture, Language, and Writing a petition By Step #1: Concept Definition – Language Throughout this essay I will use Sociological Imagination to examine my personal experience as a Personal Troubles and Public issues. The Sociological Imaginations is a term coined by American sociologist C.Wright Mills. For Mills the sociological imagination is the ability to see and understand how individual experiences are connected to the larger society. It helps us to have better understanding of personal troubles and public issues. The Sociological imagination has two dimensions. One is personal trouble and other is public issues that these two are related to each other. Personal Trouble: Problems that an individual facing in his or her daily life. Public issues: When in the society significant numbers of people experience same personal trouble it is consider as a public issue. There are four different dimensions related to personal trouble and public issues, which through those dimensions I will analyse my experience. Also, there are three key questions related to sociological imagination: Structure vs Other Structures? : Looking to same public issues in different societies Current vs Past Structures? : Looking to one issue through the time process of past and now. Advantaged vs Disadvantaged? : Exercising advantages and disadvantages of issues for society. From these three key questions in my case I will exercise my experience through Structure vs Other Structures. My personal experience is related to concept of language. Language is a complex of symbols that let people to interact with each other. For Edward Sapir and Benjamin Whorf, two anthropologists that studied languages, “Each language has words or expressions with no precise counterparts in

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