Puma Distribution and Channel Essay

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Introduction Introducing a project we have been working on is of great importance, since it describes the general framework of the work, detailing the aspects that were covered throughout the course of Distribution and Channel Management and explains the reason why we had chosen the specific company and not others in the first place. Distribution and Channel Management allows for a proper understanding of how goods are delivered and what means are used in order to do so, thus being very useful in order to use the theory and understand how it is applied in practice. The company that we decided to use in order to draw the parallel between the theory and practice of the course is Puma. Although the company is well known around the world, it is not a cliché, as for example, Nike, and it Is more challenging to research their distribution and channel strategy, since there is not as much as information to be found, making our work as cognitive as possible. Puma’s distribution and channel strategy is both innovative and eco-friendly, giving it a significant competitive advantage over the other sports and fashion manufacturers, and making it a proper example which illustrates how successful companies should operate. The project covers a brief description of the company, in order to present it and explain what it operates for. Then, we will talk about how they actually distribute their products and what strategies they apply in order to deliver their well-known shoes to their respectful customers. After that, we wanted to think about what could possibly be improved in terms of Puma’s distribution strategy, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses and developing recommendations which would help the company to become even more successful, Afterwards, we took it very seriously and explained the origins of their distribution strategy, to what extent it was innovative

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