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BJB Manufacturing MGT/420 November 20, 2012 Shannon Mathis-Roberts, MBA BJB Manufacturing Introduction Purchasing a new vehicle is exciting; however, after a couple of months many people decide that the factory console selection is just not cutting it. In the past this was an easy fix although with today’s technology innovations this is no longer an easy task. Car makers are using unusual dash configurations featuring all-in-one consuls that incorporate items, such as, GPS, OnStar, and climate controls. Replacing the factory console may cause loss of these luxuries. BJB Manufacturing Company is a high-end supplier of compact discs (CD) changers that can be easily installed along with the factory systems to alleviate this inconvenience.…show more content…
If the company engages an operational product planning tactic interconnected with a vast quality progression that focuses on market needs and customer needs, the company will succeed with new products in the current market. A further quality procedure for BJB Manufacturing Company would be to make sure successful product proposals are generated through consultations through corporate management, and manufacturing groups. This is done because groups will have important product information that can help other group’s complete individual sections of the business plan. It is vital that each section of BJB Manufacturing Company comprehend the company intentions and product course so that the company can design product plans, merge quality procedures, and adhere to planned practices.…show more content…
The needs of the stakeholders involved were considered to ensure BJB is meeting their expectations for quality. Analyzing an understanding the importance of the product and company needs was discussed with regard to obtaining quality parts at sustainable prices. Selecting the Feigenbaum quality theory as a reasonable guide for the quality management proposal will be useful in improving BJB’s product achievement. Lastly, understanding the roles that leadership plays in the implementation of each variable is crucial to the product and the company’s

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