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PsychSim: ALL STRESSED OUT. Checking the Level of Stress in Your Life 1. What was your “Stress Test” score? 46 2. Do you think that such a test accurately captures your experience? Why or why not? What other stressors should be included? I believe the test can give you a general understanding of the stress- level your at. I also think the test should include kids. From personal experience, going to school, having a job and being a mother of two children can cause a lot of stress juggling all three. Stress, Stressors, and Coping 3. Psychologists differentiate stressors, strain, and stress. What does each of these terms mean? Stressors- An outside event or situation, that causes coping changes in an individual. Strain- The result of stress such as loss of apetite, loss of concentration, frequent headaches, and sleep disturbances. Stress- The way we (people) distinguish and respond to certain events that we assess as threatening or challenging. The Biology of Stress 4. Although both men and women experience the fight-or-flight syndrome, some scientists argue that women also can experience stress differently (tend-and-befriend). Briefly explain this hypothesis. Women's responses are indicated by a pattern of tend-and-befriend. Tending includes triggers that are intended to protect one self and children. Befriending involves the creation and maintenance of social networks. 5. Can you think of why this alleged gender difference in fight-or-flight and tend-and-befriend may “make sense” from an evolutionary perspective? I think the alleged gender difference in flight-or-light and tend-and-befriend may “make sense” from an evolutionary perspective because the womens’ main purpose were to cultivate and protect their offspring. Females are a huge factor for the existence of species. 6. Outline the body’s two-part endocrine

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