Psychiatrist Differences

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Canada is a very diverse and populated country. we are very fortunate to live in a place where we have all our health practioners and medications at the reach of our fingertips. The field of Mental health is important due to the state of the human mind and how we as individual cope under the pressures that life may bring. Psychiatrist are primary the primary caregivers in the area of mental health. They deal with the vast majorly of people who seek support. Psychiatrist are sometimes confused with psychologist because there are many similarities between the two however; there are very identifying characteristic of a psycharitrist that separates them. Unlike a psychologist, Paychiatrist must obtain a medical degree which is used to help diagnose…show more content…
One must obtain there Doctorate from an accredited educational fecilitty. Following this they must complete 4 years in residency specifically working in the field of psychiatry. After completing residency they must then pass and oral and written test. If successful they can then apply to the board for certification. once the boards grant the certificate they can now practice anywhere in the country. A typical day in the life of a psychiatrist can be extremely challenging with long hours. There work environment typically indoors in a bright room with chairs. Hours of work may sometimes exceed 60 hours a week. This can be due to the fact that those working in hospitals are called in hours of night to make A diagnoses. Overall this job holds more risk because they are more likely to deal with aggressive and overlay violent patients. Significant change can sometimes seems inconceivable. We should live with hopes of making a difference in people's lives Psychiatrists servd fundamental role in today's society. They seem to have an effect upon all our lives whether it be direct or indirect. As they continue to administer treatment for people suffering from injury or disease, we can rest assure that people who need help are easily accessible to treatment. "They are willing to treat one wound.. over time though the change is small, changes add up. Sometimes they even transform cities, nations and yes the
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