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Phase 4- Discussion Board Colorado Technical University PSYC336 Abnormal Psychology Professor: Bosede, Andrews By: Erika Santos February 5, 2012 Key Assignment Draft The following scenario is about a new patient name George and he is a 33-year-old male. His records states that he was arrested for stealing money of people that he was fixing their houses. The amount of money reach $ 100,000 and he bought a car and other expenses. Afterward the evaluation was concluded it was established that George has antisocial personality disorder. My duty as a medical student is to assist the on-staff psychologist by reviewing the evaluation in addition to that go over the subsequent objects as well as clarify the disorder that George has.…show more content…
Is a mental health disorder in which an individual has a long-term precedent of controlling, take advantage of, or disturbing the rights of others individuals. This conduct is often criminal. (Morrison,

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