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Week Five Research Paper Between the late 1980’s and the late 1990’s my father owned a mechanic shop. His business was a sole proprietorship and he often had between one and three employees. He advertised very little and most of his clients were people who were referred by his clients through word of mouth. Sometime in the mid 1990’s, vehicles began to have a more modern technology that my father no longer was familiar with. He could have gone to school or taken classes to become familiar with it; however, he refused because he was too proud. He began to guess on how to fix vehicles and would make mistakes. Customers would often return to his shop upset and stressed about their vehicle issues. In this paper I will write about some of the legal issues my father encountered and how he failed to modernize with his business, until he had to close the mechanic shop in the late 1990’s. My father was the type of man who liked helping others.…show more content…
My father owed a duty to his clients to repair their vehicles properly and in a reasonable time. He sometimes had to give people their money back for services that he could not perform. This was a violation of the breach factor in the liability that he had with his clients. The proximate cause violation was when my father failed to act reasonably and failed to follow through on his guarantee to fix the vehicle and return it in a safe condition. The damages would be either the money the clients paid to him, damages made to the vehicle in the process of trying to fix it, damages to the vehicle if a collision occurred, injury to the client or third party or even death of the client or third party. My father would have been liable for all those damages. He was very lucky that very little damages occurred while he was in

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