Role Of Guilt In Art Spieglman's 'Maus'

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Essay on Maus Elizabeth Gilbert says “Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” Art Spieglman’s graphic novel Maus looks at how guilt affects Artie. It affects him feeling as if he is not a good son and guilty for not being part of the war and understanding how those who were in the Holocaust felt. Also, Artie feels guilty on the success he got on this book. Artie feels guilty for not being a good son. This can be observed when Vladek wakes up Artie early in the morning to ask him to help fix the roof (page number). Artie refuses and we can later on observe Artie telling his wife that he rather feel guilty than to travel to Queens to help his father (page number). Then once he was with his father, he started feeling guilty he asked his father if he needs help fixing anything (II, 99). The guilt of not helping his father ate up at him and he realized with wasn’t very son like of him not to help his father out. Another example of Artie feeling guilty about not being a good son is seen when he goes to see his therapist. His therapist says “It sounds like you’re feeling…show more content…
This can be observed when Artie is driving with his wife and says: “Somehow, I wish I had been in Auschwite with my parents so I could really know what they lived through! I guess it’s some form of guilt about having had an easier life then they did.”(II, 16) Artie realizes himself that he feels guilty about the way his life seems easier than his parents as he was not part of the war. Furthermore, it is noted that Artie feels guilty when he states that he used to take a shower and was trying to image as if it was a gas shower (II, 16). This shows how guilt affected him and he was trying to find a way to feel like the Jews felt during the war. These examples show how guilt affects Artie for not have been living during the time of the

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