Psy 211 Week 3 Essay

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•Class: Culinary Skill 2 | •Lesson: Beef and Lamb, Week 3 | Equipment | •Date: Sept. 16th, 2013 | •Professor: Chef Susie Reading | Cutting Board, Chef’s Knife, Sauce Pan, Stock Pot, Ladle, | •Student ID: 100848945 | •Student Name: Alwin Utomo | Chinoise, Wooden spoon, Tongs, | | | Sautoir, Rubber Spatula, Griddle Pan, Long Spoon | Compound ButterYield: 323 g Portions: 12 | | Methodology | Quantity | Ingredients | Count | | 1. In a small sauteuse pan melt 15 g of butter, sweat the shallots (with no colour) and transfer to a medium size stainless steel bowl. Cool. 2. Add all other ingredients into the bowl along with the shallots, using a rubber spatula, fold together. Check the seasoning. 3. The…show more content…
Dredge each piece in flour, dip into the egg wash and allow any excess to drain off then pass through the bread crumb. 15. Over medium heat, preheat medium sized sauteuse. Once hot add 5 mL vegetable oil. Sauté veal until lightly browned. Once browned, remove from pan and reserve 16. Remove any excess oil from the hot sauteuse, add the butter to melt. Add onion and shallot, cooking until translucent (Approximately 3 minutes). Sweat crushed garlic until aromatic. 17. Deglaze with white wine. Add chicken stock and simmer until onions and shallots are completely soft (10-15 minutes). Remove from the heat and transfer the sauce into a blender then blend until smooth. 18. Return the browned veal and blended sauce back to the sauteuse. Cover the pan and simmer until the veal is tender. Once tender add the mushrooms, corn and cream. Simmer for 5 minutes 19. Preheat a medium sized sauteuse over medium flame until hot (approximately 400 °F (210°C). 20. Pour the remaining 5 mL of vegetable oil in the pre heated pan. Place the Sirloin Steak into the pan to start the cooking process, turning the steak to allow it to brown evenly on both sides (Approximately 2-3

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