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From Then To Now, the Negatives of Sororities In the past, many arrests and party busts have been made at sorority houses because of underage drinking, binge drinking, assault, annoyance reports, and just the normal cops showing up at the front door and crashing a party. Today, the same incidents still happen, and have in some ways gotten worse. Girls should not join college sororities to reduce the chance of getting arrested, hurt, and/or resulting in a bad reputation. Many teenage or young adult sorority pledges have been arrested from sorority related events. For example, in April 2006, twenty-three women between the ages of 19 and 24 were arrested for hazing violations; they were all kicked out of school and fined. In addition three other pledges were arrested and charged with underage drinking when they were caught at a sorority house party drunk. The worst two reasons pledges are arrested have to do with underage drinking and hazing. Even though sororities might seem fun, there are many good reasons to not join a college sorority. Many more teenagers have been physically or emotionally hurt because of sororities. For example, in the non-fiction book Pledge there are numerous mentions of eating disorders developing after joining a sorority and many emotional issues caused by not being “pretty” enough. In addition to emotional damage there is also the physical hurt of date rape, binge drinking, eating disorders, and other drug addictions or other serious things that can almost never be avoided, much less be avoided at a sorority. Sororities are the worst organizations to be involved with. Teens and young adults should not join sororities when they go to college. Many pledges have received bad reputations because of what their sorority is known for. For example, many sorority girls are complaining about getting parking tickets, or stickers that are

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