Perks of Being a Wallflower

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1. Who are Charlie’s best friends? Describe how he met them. Charlie’s best friends are Sam and Patrick. Charlie was at a football game and noticed Patrick from his woodshop class yelling like crazy. So Charlie goes over to sit next to Patrick. Patrick notices Charlie then tells him about his sister going out with ponytail Darick. Sam comes over and start talking to Patrick then asks him who Charlie was. They all went to a party after the game and got to know each other a bit better. 2. Who did you identify with the most? Did you see parts of yourself in anyone specific character? I identified with Charlie the most. There were many events and trials with Charlie that I can see in myself. I have never had the experience of death in my family but I have had a loss of a family member in another way. I have been seeing a psychiatrist since I was about seven years old because of isses with my mother. I have been to a mental hospital. I take anti-depressant medication at one point when I stopped talking my medication that I would see things. I’d cry at the oddest time and just have the feeling of crying for no reason at all. 3. Mention 2 themes in the novel and explain what events in the novel support your findings. One theme in the novel was peer pressure. Trying to fit in. Once Charlie made friends he began to go out more and started to try new things. Just because everyone else was doing it. He was also hanging out with a group of seniors too. He tired drugs. Like at a party he wasn’t feeling too happy so Mary Elizabeth gave Charlie acid. Another theme in the novel would be abuse. Charlie was sexually abused by his aunt Helen. Every Saturday night. Charlie’s sister was also being abused by her boyfriend when they were talking and Darick hit her because was she was talking to him. 4. Describe 3 character traits of Charlie. Support by referring to specific events
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