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Hazing Hazing can be considered as bullying but mostly hazing is a form of abuse to others. The definition of hazing is any activity that occurs in groups which humiliates, degrades or risks emotional and physical harm of an individual, regardless of the person’s willingness (Hazing). Hazing is a tradition that has been accepted without question for centuries. Hazing has been illegal but colleges and high schools still haze. In the past years hazing has considered harmless pranks or comic antic associated within different groups. Hazing takes place in different areas such as college students who join a group and even in high school. Hazing can be a difficult social problem that can be shaped by leader who is operating the group or the organization. While hazing is occurring many people would tell the victims not to tell anyone or they would be hazed longer than others in the group, which can be called the “code of silence”. Hazing doesn’t only apply to men; it applies to women and teenagers. The hazing victims can be peer pressured into joining a group or an organization. Hazing can be lead to death threatens to the victims. Most of the deaths are because the hazing would go too far or go wrong. There are different types of hazing, which are subtle, harassment and violent. Each type of hazing is a form of bullying and abuse. Hazing is common among high school and college students, but it can be prevented by learning the warning signs of victims who have been hazed. Statistics show that 250,000 students experience some type of hazing to join a group or an organization in college each year. In most colleges 5% of the college admits to being hazed and 40% admit to knowing about hazing activities that take place on campus. Also statistics shows that on college campes 22% stated that advisors and coaches are involved in the hazing. There are more females being hazed

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