Pros And Cons Of Big Australia's Population Growth

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In recent years, Australia’s population has increased significantly due to immigration. The growth rate of its population was 2.1% in 2010, which is higher than that of in China, US and Canada. It is predicted to reach 36 million in 2050. However, both positive and negative impacts come into being because of ‘Big Australia’. It impacts on environmental, social and economical issues in Australia. This essay will examine the influences of high population growth rate in Australia, and it will determine whether the measures should be taken by Australia government so that the population growth will be decreased. Large immigration in Australia has positive outcomes. Encouraging migrants can fill opening in the Australia job market. For example,…show more content…
◎简 介 The film follows Dick Smith's public campaign against rapid population growth. It tests the propositions put forward in favour of a Big Australia. Can this popular entrepreneur persuade the nation to change its mind? Entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick Smith sets out on a mission to uncover just what's so good about a Big Australia. Every one minute Australia's population increases by a new person, currently making Australia the gold medallist of growth! Our population is rising at a faster rate than any European nation, and faster than China, India and Indonesia. In 2009 record levels of overseas migration and childbirth increased our population by 480,000 people and by 2050 it's predicted Australia's population will reach 36 million. According to Dick Smith, that's a recipe for disaster. Taking into account the serious challenges of lack of water, poor soil and urban congestion, Dick believes we need to stabilise our population, not increase it. “Crowded House” delves into all of these issues as Dick spends six months travelling around Australia and Bangladesh, questioning the experts' claims that we need more people to deal with an ageing population and skills
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