Loctite Bam Essay

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1. Product Policy Issues a. Positioning : Should the BAM be promoted as a dispenser for instant adhesive, anaerobics, or both? BAM Should be introduced in both instant adhesive and anaerobics. Because : The total adhesive market was growing at about 10%, and CA sales were increasing twice as fast. Growth in industrial usage was expected to outpace consumer market growth significantly. In adhesive market, they held an 85% share of the North American anaerobic market in 1978, so they must introduced BAM in anaerobics market as an other alternative of product and make an additional income from it. b. Name : Should the name Bond-A-Matic or an alternative such as the Model 206 be used? I suggested the name Bond A Matic, because with a new name will give perception differentiation in features from other product like Model 206 for example. In another opinion, with different name will avoid cannibalization with existing product because in the market it will give product positioning with other products. Should the Loctite name the prominently displayed on the BAM? Yes it should. Because BAM is a new product that needs recognition from the market. With Loctite name prominently displayed on the BAM will help recognition from the market and give confidence of customer about its quality since Loctite is the leader in adhesive products. c. Models : Should both high and low pressure models be made available? Yes, they should both high and low pressure models made available both of them have different function. High pressure for with aluminium reservoir for more viscous adhesive, and a low pressure with plastic reservoir for less vicous adhesive. With making these two models will give alternative for customers to choose the best option suited for them. d. Assembly : Should BAM models be assembled internally or externally? They should assembly

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