Successful Ageing Essay

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This essay will look at the term successful ageing and break it down to find meaning for it. It will touch on the myths around ageing and how they negatively impact the elderly. It will look at some of the models used to look at successful aging and what components from these models can help people to age successfully. It will also look at what the ageing population consider to be important when looking at how to age successfully and lastly it will dip into how I plan to improve my chances of ageing in a positive light. It was the Roman philosopher Cicero who very early in the world’s history penned a powerful statement on successful aging in his essay De Senectute (On Old Age). Cicero wrote his essay in his early 60s intending to show that old age in not necessarily a phase of decline and impairment. Alternatively Cicero puts forward that old age can have many opportunities for positive change and being a valuable and fully functional member of society. In his essay Cicero writes, "...I find that there are four reasons for old age being thought unhappy; first, that it withdraws us from active employments; second, that it enfeebles the body; third, that it deprives us of nearly all physical pleasures; fourth, that it is the next step to death." We are an aging society and our life expectancy continues to slowly increase. The rapid growth in the aging population is due to the baby boomers entering the ranks of seniors. Because of their numbers they will make up the greatest growth ever of the elderly population, not only in Australia but also throughout world. This is why the question of how to age successfully is now being asked time and time again. To determine how to age successfully we must first look at what is meant by the term ‘successful ageing’. Successful aging is not the same as attaining wealth or power. There are many myths around aging these include
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