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PROS AND CONS OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES Sandeep Kumar Department of Computer Science and Engineering Department of Information Technology C.T Institute of Engineering and Technology, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. Abstract Social network sites (SNSs) are increasingly attracting the attention of academic and Industry researchers intrigued by their affordances and reach. Today social networking commonly refers to all those activities that are carried out within specific online services that provide free space and software tools which allow creating networks of people. In other words, a social networking service is a Web site that allows individuals to construct a public or semi-public profile. Users’ data are not only constituted by vital statistics, but they include a lot of other information which pertains to user hobbies, passions, interests, professional background and so on. This kind of personal data, all spontaneously provided by the user her/himself, permit to create interconnected networks of people who decide to put in common their interests and to have an online identity which fully describes them. Introduction Imagine the year 2000 - six years before idea of Twitter became a reality, four years before Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook from his college dormitory, three years before Myspace was converted to support the idea of social networking. The thought that people might someday spend over 700 billion minutes per month on a single website such as Facebook was unthinkable. These social networking sites along with hundreds more were just a spark in designers’ minds. Social Networks are used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. A Social Network is defined as an internet-based service that allows individuals to [1] construct a public or semipublic profile within a bounded system, [2] articulate a list of other users with

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