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COM10003 Learning and Communicating Online Assignment 3: Reflective Essay The technology of social networking sites has established online collaboration tools and created opportunities for students to utilise the vast amount of communication tools for completion of their work. (Weaver et al., 2010). Throughout this unit I have developed skills to use and evaluate online sources of information not only for academic purposes but for social and personal interests too. The purpose of this paper is to reflect on my experiences from this unit by discussing how I have developed skills in finding, using and evaluating online sources of information for academic purposes. The scope of this paper will begin by discussing how my use of online sources has developed over the period of the course. It will then examine how Metzgar (2007) has influenced my ability to search and evaluate the credibility and reliability of various online sources. Finally, I will identify the advantages and limitations I faced whilst working in an online collaborative community and how I dealt with those circumstances. My concept of using online resources has broadened since week 1 when I went back to the basics and touched on the history behind the uprising of what we now call the World Wide Web. Amazingly, the first e-mail was sent 43 years ago, back in 1971, and then it took a further 28 years before we saw the first online social network, Friends Reunited, in 1999 (The University of North Carolina, 2013). Now in 2014, living in a world filled with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, it seems as if the web is developing at an exponential rate. From the beginning of this unit I felt quite comfortable, as I am familiar with the Internet due to habitual daily use. I believe my computer skills are of a level where I am comfortable with new challenges. At the beginning of the unit I saw myself as what
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