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Prometheus Analysis Brenda Hewitt HUM/150 February 4, 2013 Victor Armneta Prometheus Analysis From the very first scenes of this film a true reverence of hope and human desire is executed. In 2093, the Prometheus ship is sent deep into space to find out who created mankind. A team of archaeologists refer to the large humanlike beings as the engineers because it is theorized that they engineered humanity. In the beginning of this film hope and desire are displayed through the engineers visiting a mystery planet and with an alien self-sacrifice seems to create life by sharing their foreign deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) to perhaps begin a new civilization. As the movie progresses the choices, acts, and beliefs of the two protagonists drive movie goers to embrace his or her hopes and dreams of where the human species generated and what possibilities are still ahead. Still, this film’s journey provokes appreciation and anticipation of what to believe. Prometheus’s intellectually emotional and science fiction storyline bestows hope, as the choices, desires, and true beliefs demonstrated, shared, and pursued by Dr. Elizabeth Shaw and David the android are captivating. Elizabeth Shaw Conviction and Belief The start of this film reveals Elizabeth’s belief in God and her choice to believe in Christianity, which she learned from her educated and affluent upbringing as she was raised by her father. As Elizabeth grows up and becomes a woman of science, she is mocked for believing so strong in pure scientific fact yet wears a cross to display her faith. Still, Elizabeth’s convictions become contagious and her true belief and sheer hope of possibility engulfs and persuades movie goers to dream of what is out there. Encouraging Hope Elizabeth’s capabilities are so convincing she captivates the attention of trillionare Peter Weyland to sponsor this trillion dollar

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