Progressivism In The United States

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In the age of progressivism, women have been ignored too long. Women represent half the population and should be given the same rights as the other half. We have been in this country and state for as long as men, and have equally contributed. We should not be treated worse than foreigners and as second-class citizens. The main goal of progressivism is to make the U.S. a greater democracy. There are movements to create recalls for unsatisfying politicians. There are movements to create referendum and direct election of senators for the people to have a more direct voice. To continue this democratizing trend, women need to get the right to vote. Women must obey the law, so they should be able to help make the laws. The government needs to portray the wishes of the people and they cannot do this when half the population cannot vote. It is in public interest for the woman to vote. Mothers with a sense of community create sons with a sense of community. Methods of birth control need to be legalized with easy public access. It seems in America that poverty and the size of the family are directly related. Children should not be forced into a world where their parents do not want them and cannot clothe and feed them. Mothers should not need to be broken…show more content…
Women have the capability to become educated and have a higher impact on society other than just through domesticity. Opponents of allowing women to pursue higher education and professional jobs say that it will upset social order and destroy femininity. This is a small price to pay for equality even if it is true. The opponents also say that women are incapable of this completing this education and working in professionally. This is not true because rich women are already going to college, so why cannot this be expanded, and even when women were denied professional jobs, women like Jane Addams showed their capability in places other than the work
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