Professional Skills For Mathematics Teacher Essay

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Introduction Mathematics programs develop knowledge of mathematical concepts and theories, teaching students to apply mathematical skills to problems and tasks such as large-scale planning or the coordination of complex systems. A degree in math can pave the way to a career as a math teacher, a mathematician or an auditor, among many other choices What is a Degree in Math? Math forms the basis of every type of science, from engineering to astronomy. Bachelor's degree programs in math instruct students in calculus, statistics, trigonometry, advanced geometry and other subjects related to the manipulation and use of numbers. Many bachelor's degree holders in math find work in unrelated careers, from customer service to computer science. However, many careers make direct use of a degree in math, including math education, auditing and, of course, mathematics itself. Descriptions of these sample careers are included here. Math Teacher Math teachers generally work at the high school and middle school levels to develop students' understanding of mathematical concepts and practices. Depending on the grade and age level of their students, they might teach basic pre-algebra skills such as simple variable manipulation or complex calculus formulas. Their job responsibilities, like those of all educators, include maintaining classroom discipline and ensuring the progress of their students through tests, assignments and classroom work. Teachers must be licensed by their state and hold teacher's certificates to work in public schools. Math teachers educate students at all levels, from elementary school to the university level. Math teachers are required to hold at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited university. Many schools with education programs have specific programs for students wishing to become a math teacher. These are often offered as mathematics teaching

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