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8/25/2014 Math 114 Syllabus Please print this page for your records: Print Syllabus Course Syllabus MATH114 Algebra for College Students Course Description At the conclusion of this course students will exhibit mastery at the 80% level of the following topics in Algebra: Basic treatment of algebraic expressions, solving linear equations, graphing linear equations, polynomial operations, positive and negative integral exponents, factoring, systems of linear equations, radical and rational expressions, quadratic equations, and various application problems. Required Text and Materials Tutorials The following are required viewing for this class: · The Macromedia Flash presentation Keys to Success: An Overview of DeVry…show more content…
Chapter tests may be taken up to three times. Only the highest grade counts. 40% Final Exam The Final Exam can be taken up to two times. Only the highest grade counts. 25% Total You must pass this course with an overall grade of 80% or better. Your GradeBook for this course is located in MyMathLab, not in 100% 8/12 8/25/2014 Math 114 Syllabus eCollege! You can access the eCollege GradeBook for comments about your weekly TDA performance, and the points earned on the TDAs for each week. However, the GradeBook in eCollege will only record your TDA performance – all your grades for this course are compiled and maintained within the MyMathLab GradeBook. Please be advised that a passing grade for Algebra for College Students is an 80% B or better! Letter Grade Percentage A 90 to 100% B 80 to 89% F Below 80% Threaded Discussion Areas (TDA) Discussion Grading Math is a contact sport, not a spectator sport! Therefore, your participation in the Threaded Discussions is crucial. Insightful input is worth more than

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