Process Philosophy Of The Civil Rights Movement

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Introduction When one first thinks about the civil rights movement of the 60’s across America the first word that comes to mind is recognition. To think about what the founding fathers of the country included in the US Constitution it is really hard to understand how things got out of hand. The purpose of the civil rights movement was really based on process philosophy. “Process philosophy is based on the conviction that the central task of philosophy is to construct a cosmology in which all intuitions well-grounded in human experience can be reconciled.” (Process Philosophy) If this is what the country stood for then why was there so much going against its effort. This is a time in which so many movements were happening within one movement.…show more content…
Prior to this movement most African Americans would consider themselves more conservative. But during this period they tended to shy away from the Republican Party and really haven’t looked back since that time. The civil rights act of 1964 was a major reason for the Democrats winning over the minority vote. As we fast forward to today it can be understood that it was the Democrats that nominated and help elect the first African American President in the nation’s history. So to look back to the 1960’s in this country to now it is safe to say that process philosophy has done its job. Many could not understand what that movement would eventually bring to a nation torn apart by hatred and racism. This movement helped with women’s rights as well as Christian growth. With a nation built with the separation of church and state but still realized that we are one nation under God it has helped us over come. Even up to the modern day we see the gay rights movement in full effect. Rather you agree with homosexuality or not you have to look at the civil rights movement as a stepping stone. People do have the right to live in a society free from discrimination and hatred. But what one must remember is that if we are to truly be a nation under God, then we must follow his word. We can’t simply thank God who is the giver of life on one hand, but then on the other try to tell him how we should live…show more content…
If you stand up for what you believe in change can happen. Will it be perfect in the beginning? Not by any means, but that doesn’t mean that you stop trying to form a more perfect union. The civil rights movement was something good for the country. It showed growth and change amongst a divided people. Being able to identify with what we accomplished in the past builds hope for the future. We can continue to strive to make our nation better. Debate is good because no one person is right 100% of the time. If we are to continue in process philosophy then we must never be afraid of reconciliation. That was the very reason that Christ came and gave his life. We don’t get it right on the first attempt every time, but with socialism there is always a chance. In order to move forward we must remember what we overcame before and continue the

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