John F Kennedy's Inaugural Address

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John F. Kennedy’s Speech In John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address he used every type of rhetorical strategy you could think of to get the message across to the people of the United States. The first rhetorical strategy he used was Logos. When using Logos you are connecting to the logical view of the message. When John F. Kennedy gave his address he used Logos by saying the strong will just, the weak will secure, and peace will be preserved. I personally think this is one of the best lines in his speech because he hits one the topics of strong, weak and peace all in one sentence in a very powerful way. Mr. Kennedy also stated that gods work must be our own. I completely agree with him. We the people should live our lives through Christ.…show more content…
Kennedy used in his address was Ethos. Ethos his simply, how you appeal to your audience. Many things stood out to me in his speech that connected him to the people of the United States. His most famous quote that comes from the address in the Ethos section is: “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” I personally liked this quote because we often find ourselves looking for what someone else can do for us and we hardly ever give back. I think this quote opened the eyes of the people and made them realize they needed to help the country out and do their part in society. He also wanted to unite the people and explore the problems they were being faced with. He knew he couldn’t simply fix all the country’s problems by himself so he focused on the present and future citizens and set goals for the country as one, as well as the country’s we have friendships with. He had a goal of welcoming new states and cherishing them. A custom friendship was key to him. His previous work in the government only made his job easier. In the end John F. Kennedy wanted to prepare a new generation of Americans and secure a better life, government, and nation for everyone to live in and interact with. John F. Kennedy met many of his goals he had visions of. Those that he didn’t meet are still in our hands today. As he stated he wasn’t going to fix all the problems, we cant fix them all, and they may all still be in view even at the end of the Earth. All we can do is strive to be a united nation and work together to promote peace. If we do these things and live them out as god would, Mr. Kennedy would be proud that his speech impacted our view of

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