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My Experience with Online Shopping Going Online Initially, I was very skeptical to buy things online as I battled a plethora of concerns. These concerns ranged from the thought of receiving poor quality product to the product not getting delivered at all. However, with the cash in delivery option being introduced in the e-commerce, my fears were allayed to some extent. This encouraged me to try online buying and like most of the people, my first order was a book from Although I was happy with my first purchase, I was still reluctant to buy other stuff such as apparels and footwear online. The fear of product quality and sizing issues discouraged me from going ahead. However, with the positive word of mouth from peers and the introduction of return policy, I got a little confidence to give it a shot. The freedom to return the order within a stipulated timeline followed by the refund of the entire amount was a huge incentive to give online shopping of apparels a try. Purchase Discovery was my first destination, due to the plenty of good publicity I had heard about it from the peers. It indeed carries a large range of items. While it looks pleasing to the eyes initially but at times, the same huge variety becomes a pain instead of being a pleasure. The craving of getting a better product made me scroll down for as long as half an hour. Although I was liking many of the displayed items, I was still not feeling satisfied as there is always a chance of getting something better. By the end, I was so much overloaded with choices that I actually kept the laptop aside. Above mentioned is a typical case of choice overload that happens quite regularly with the thousands of choices being offered online. However, one thing that saves time during the purchase of apparels is that one does not have many options to compare prices as the brands and

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