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Never Ending Cycle Beep. Beep. That’s the sound one can hear coming from just about every college campus parking lot or structure. Students stalk the elevators and the people who come out of them. Every so often someone asks “Are you leaving?” Sometimes the minutes turn into hours. Class has already started and still there are cars waiting to find somewhere to park. Today there are too few parking spaces available for college students to park on campus. Our population is growing vastly and universities are trying to keep up, but can not seem to. For instance, Sandra T. Molina of the San Gabriel Valley Tribune wrote about Biola University’s plans to expand its parking lot by six hundred and thirteen spaces. Biola estimated that it should be able to keep up with increasing enrollment rates to provide enough parking for students attending the university until the year 2020. With this rapid increase of people attending college there is no way any of the colleges can provide enough parking spaces for students. In an internet article there was a recent study conducted by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics of the U.S. Department of Labor, which stated that 67.2% of high school graduates in 2007 had applied to colleges or universities and were ready to attend in the fall. This is a large number of students who have chosen to continue their education. Universities and colleges can only expand so much. Construction takes much time and is quite costly. It would take years to meet the substantial need for parking. For instance, Biola University was approved for an eleven million dollar parking structure that should be finished by 2010 (Molina). This would take much time to build such a structure. Colleges can not afford to block off the space they already have in use in order to build a structure. It is very hard for colleges to find space since
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