Startribune Case Study Analysis

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An article in Startribune informs us about a controversy between the Bloomington neighborhood and Normandale Community College about a parking ramp that Normandale Community College wants to build. Normandale wants to increase its parking space due to 10% enrollment increase and the lack of parking space for students. Each and every year, more and more students enroll at Normandale community college and its big increase of students demand for more parking spaces. The Bloomington neighborhood appealed this plan due to “its impact on surrounding areas” (Startribune). The Bloomington neighborhood is seeking other ways to increase parking space for the College without making an impact on the surrounding areas. This is a very serious matter and…show more content…
Normandale Community College is planning to increase its parking space by 724 parking spots. According to the article, Normandale College has received the “approval of the Bloomington Planning commission to construct a 724-space, on campus ramp… a 76,000-square-foot Academic Partnership, which is to be connected to the existing Kopp Student Center” (Startribune). This is due to the fact that the enrollment of students at Normandale Community College has increased 10% since last year. Normandale is using the tactic of ‘education comes first’, without enough parking spaces students would have trouble getting to school on time and would also get students frustrated. Also, students have been complaining to Normandale Administrators to handle the parking situation and make it easier for them to find a parking lot. The school has been patient with the situation and perhaps has looked for other steps before resulting to build a ramp. Thousands of students walk in and out of Normandale Community College daily and if the Administration finally decided to add a “new ramp plus six surface lots this would provide a total of 3,334 on-campus parking spaces” (Startribune). Normandale understands the neighborhood’s viewpoint, but knowing that the student population in Normandale is expanding, then the school must expand as well. Normandale’s Financial and Operation vice president Ed Wines told the commission, “more student parking is desperately needed, there’s no question about that” (Startribune). He also observed, “It’s kind of like air traffic control, you will see cars circling around, waiting for someone to leave. Or they will pick up a student who is walking out of the building and say, ‘We will take you to your car so we can have your space.” (Parking Ramp, Johnson). The Bloomington residents objected, but “Despite their continued objections the Bloomington City Council approved the
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