Prison Term Policy Recommendation Essay

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Prison Term Policy Recommendation In both the state and federal court systems in America, the sentencing of defendants begins after the conviction. Once convicted the determination of a punishment which is appropriate for the commission of specific crimes becomes the focus of the court. Sentencing agents are required to use discretion of sentencing agents. The United States Constitution, compulsory sentencing laws, criminal statutes, and the individual state’s chosen sentencing philosophy limits the discretion of both jurors and judges. Of course society also plays a role in the limiting of judicial discretion. The judges must consider the perspectives on crime by society and how people will react to particular punishments when making the final judgment. Judges consider all factors which limit their discretion while deciding sentences appropriate for crimes. Prosecutors represent society’s case against criminals, because of this the people play a major role in punishing criminals. Legislatures consider societal views on certain serious crimes in the creating of criminal statutes. Popular societal views pressure legislation to create sentencing laws which represent the people’s ideal punishments for those offenses which are serious. The new compulsory sentencing laws limit further the discretion of sentencing agents creating additional problems for the corrections component of the criminal justice system. Sentencing laws affect corrections more than any other component of the criminal justice system, legislatures must consider the effects of new sentencing laws before voting in favor of bills that will prove to perpetuate and exacerbate current correctional issues (Meyer & Grant, 2003). Sentencing in the United States Punishment is a formal penalty for committing an act that violates the laws. A punishment must outweigh the benefits of
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