Prison Rape: Memories That Don't Go Away Essay

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Rape: Memories That Don't Go Away Chapter 6 Page 150 Why do you think our society does little to combat the problem of rape in prison? What would you do to address the problem of prison rape? I think our society does little about prison rape for several reasons. For one, Americans believe that if you do a crime and get prison time, that whatever happens inside the prison they deserve. Americans have little sympathy for prisoners complaining about the conditions or of they are being abused in any way. Many Americans believe that prisoners have lost all rights when been convicted of any crime. I also think that many Americans have no idea what goes on in the prisons. Incidents that happen in prison aren't televised like it would be outside the prison walls. Plus what happens in prison doesn't effect society. It's not in their neighborhood and there is no threat to the society. How would I address the problem of prison rape? This question is very difficult to answer for several reasons. Congress has already put in place an act called the Prison Rape Elimination Act which was signed into law in September 2003. Basically saying that all prisons, jails, juvenile facilities are to adopt a "zero tolerance" policy to any criminal sex act between prisoners and those who guard them. As you could imagine it has had little effect on actually stopping any prison rapes. One reason is partly because reducing prison rape and sexual abuse is simply not a priority for correctional officers. Also the sexual assault of prisoners is the only form of rape deemed fit for humor, with movies dedicated to making fun of prison rape victims. The pain and suffering of prisoners who are raped are minimized, ignored, mocked or worse by the very government officials charged with enforcing the law. I think almost everyone has heard the phrase "don't drop the soap" that phrase makes most people

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