Mental Illness In Prisons

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Mental Illness In Prisons – 1 Mental Illness In Prisons Jeremiah Small Kaplan University CM223-11AU Professor Lisa Malooly Mental Illness In Prisons – 2 The American Psychiatric Association has estimated that for every five people in prison, one of them suffer from some type of mental illness. Approximately 300,000 people in prison suffer from mental disorders ranging but not limited to major depression, post traumatic stress disorder and schizophrenia. (Economist, 2003) Prisons can help people with mental illness by providing medications, counseling, and close supervision. Prisons need to start treating people with mental illness as patients and not inmates. First and foremost, people with mental disorders are not meant to be in prison. Prison life by itself already adds a level of anxiety and depression to every inmate. Once you add any type of mental illness, you are creating a bomb just waiting to explode. Correctional Officers are not trained to handle people with mental illness. They do not understand that people with mental disorders have special needs which prisons cannot provide. In the state of Pennsylvania, the Governor thought in was necessary to close most of the treatment centers which were equipped and properly trained to handle these types of individuals. This was part of a strategy to save money by placing them in prisons. This not only causes a problem with over population, but it adds an unnecessary level of danger to prison workers. In the Lancaster County Prison, approximately 40% of the fights that break out involve inmates that suffer from some type of mental illness. Providing medications of a regular basis is very important in the prisons. Inmates suffering from mental illnesses need to follow a very strict routine with their medication. They must take their medication two or three times a day, everyday at

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