Detention Shock

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You’re a lonely person and trapped in a place where your sufficient needs aren’t met, how would you feel? This situation is an appalling reality for a number of families who live in the so-called “Alternative Places of Detention” (APOD). The article ‘Detention Shock: teens at risk, suicide bids daily, say staff’ by Joe Kelly, published in The Australian tells how catastrophic the situation really is. The issue of how people are treated in detention centres has re-emerged due to the recent death of a Sri Lankan man after he poisoned himself in an Australian immigration detention centre. He poisoned himself after being denied permission to attend a Hindu festival. The Immigration minister, Chris Bowen, and the Australian government need to be…show more content…
He had requested several times to attend a Hindu festival but denied multiple times. After being denied this time, he was shortly found dead in the centre. I’m not saying let all the detainees go wherever they want, but they should be allowed to go to a couple of cultural events as long as they agree to corporate. The man was in Australia by himself, he left all his family behind and he would have thought the only way he could remember them was going to the festival. To deny him this was wrong. Some people think that staying in detention centres is a vacation, because the government pays for everything, but how would they know, have they been or stayed inside one? People make assumptions on what they see in the media, but the media also doesn’t know the full story, they just know what the officials tell them and want them to see. Living in detention centres is NOT some holiday, it is harsh and a horrible place to stay. Detention centres is not a place where the people are treated with respect and kindness, it is a place where people, especially teenagers get sexually assaulted, given the wrong medication and can even die. How would you like to be treated in a place where you’re familiar with nothing and when the people in charge are meant to help you but they
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