Priniples of Safegaurding and Protection in Health and Social Care

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Unit 5 Unit Code: HSC 24 Principles of Safeguarding and Protection in Health and Social Care Julia Chown 1.1 Physical Abuse Physical abuse is one or more episodes of aggressive behaviour resulting in physical injury with possible damage to internal and external organs. It can be presented through actual slapping, punching, pinching or kicking or through techniques used to lift a client or misuse of medication. An example of Physical Abuse could be where an elderly person could be living with younger members of family, perhaps with a mother with small children who rather smack or scold her children take her physical frustrations out on her older mother. A care worker who is overworked and undertrained could be using inappropriate lifting techniques on a client. Lack of communication in a care home setting, could result in clients being over or under medicated on a regular basis. Sexual Abuse Sexual abuse is any non-consensual sexual contact; it is the forcing of undesirable sexual behaviour by one person upon another. This can be physical attacks, verbal suggestions, insults or exposure to unwanted sexual imagery. Sexual abuse could occur when a carer offering support to a venerable person, could use their status to coerce that person to touching them in an inappropriate manner. This type of abuse could also be present in a care home setting with the perpetrator being another client, forcing a person to undress, or made to watch specific sexual actions. Emotional / Psychological Abuse In Emotional and psychological abuse, people can speak in ways that cause emotional pain or distress; this includes verbal abuse such as intimidation through shouting or threats, making humiliating statements or blaming a person for various problems, or verbal abuse such as ignoring a person, isolating a person from friends and family or
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