Principles of Personal Development

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Principles of personal development. Ai Confidentiality & sharing info - The right of access to information - Data protection Act 1988 - Confidentiality of personal information 1988 Aii Equality & Diversity - Race relations Act 2000 - Sex Discrimination Act 1975 - Human Rights Act 1998 - Equality Act 2010 Aiii Health & Safety - Health & Safety at work Act 1974 - COSHH Control of Substances Haardous to Health 2002 - RIDDOR Reporting of Injuries diseases & dangerous occurence regs 1995 Aiv Personal development - codes of practice - National Ocupation Standards - Regulations - Human Rights Act Av Safeguarding & Protecting - Care Standards Act 2000 - Mental Capacity Act 2005 - Mental Health Act 1983 Avi Explain what a PDP is. - A personal development plan is carried out at your social care setting. It will record information such as timescales for reviews, agreed objectives for further training & development & also list improvements since your last personal development plan. The PDP may help with own knowledge & understanding of where you are in your job role. Also where you would like to be in the future. Avii - supervisor - line manager - other support workers Aviii - training - personal development plan - putting it into practice Aix - recognise training needs - to discuss any care areas I may be unsure of - to expand my training needs to match cutomers needs ie:makaton / BSL - to raise & discuss any problems I may have within the care setting. Task B Case Study Jenna should encourage her customer to follow their beliefs whether she likes them or not. She should not have an opinion on a customers beliefs that the customer can pick up on. Maybe Jenna could learn about her customers beliefs & gain more of an understanding about them. She could talk to the service user more, the service

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