Principles of Personal Developement in Adult Soical Care Setting

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Principles of personal development in adult social care setting Task A Ai) a) Reflective practice is when you look back at a moment in time, in the case of care you would look back at a call you did and evaluate it. b) This method is a very useful training tool as when you reflect on call you can see if any aspect of the call can be improved, if there can be improvement’s made a good carer may be able to transfer these new skills to another clients thus improving more than once clients care. c) As already mentioned in the second part of this question reflective practice is important as it can show ways of improving care provided and once a new skill has been fount it is easy to transfer it to other clients, you can also pass the skill on to your colleagues, thus the whole work force can benefit from one session of good reflective practice. d) Good reflective practice is a tool that can used during supervisions and team meetings, high standards of training provided during these reflective practice sessions will mean that the care has all the training and knowledge needed to provide the high standard of care expected not only by our company but the client and their families. Aii) a) It is important for a care worker to seek feedback so that they may improve the care they give, either by learning new skills or by learning how the manage their timing better when caring out the tasks need for the clients call. b) Some carers will soak up constructive feed back and look on it as a way to improve their own skills and thus improving the care they can give to all their clients. Other carers may feel feedback is a negative thing and that the care they are given is not looked on as good enough and this may leave them feeling hurt. c) Any worker whether in care or any industry should look on feed back as positive, if you are giving good care then pass on

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