Prevention and Control of Infection Ic01

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1.1 Employee’s roles and responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection. As a health care worker it is your duty to take care of your health and safety and others that may be affected by your actions when working in the field such as the people you are supporting, their families and friends and your work colleagues. It is important to follow the legislations which is set for the purpose of preventing and controlling infection in working settings such as The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. It requires workers to: 1. take reasonable care for their safety and that of others 2. Cooperate with the employer in respect of health and safety issues. 3. Not destroying equipment provided by the employer purposely or intentionally. 4. Going to training which is issued by the employer. 5. Use protective equipment provided by the employer. 1.2 Employer’s responsibilities in relation to the prevention and control of infection. An employer has a lot of duties protecting employees from harm. There are responsibility’s placed on all employers under the health and safety act legislation, the employer has to provide a safe working environment, carry out regular risk assessment to assess the dangers of the work placements, provide training for staff , provide personal protective equipment and ensure regular health and safety acts are carried out. The employer’s duties extend to protecting employees from the risks posed by biological hazards such as blood, body fluids and associated infections. The employer has to put policies and procedures for staff in order to protect. The employer will have a good understanding of the general care of the people within the setting and will be able to respond to an infection outbreak. The employer will know how to deal with the health and safety matters. Care managers have responsibilities to monitor the

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