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Preseason Main article: National Football League preseason The NFL preseason begins with the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game, played at Fawcett Stadium in Canton, Ohio.[25] Each NFL team is required to schedule four preseason games, two of which must be at their home stadium. The teams involved in the Hall of Fame game, as well as any teams in an American Bowl game, play five preseason games.[26] Preseason games are exhibition matches and do not count towards regular-season totals.[27] Regular season Main article: National Football League regular season AFC East AFC North AFC South AFC West 1st Patriots Ravens Texans Broncos 2nd Dolphins Bengals Colts Chargers…show more content…
The first trophy, the Brunswick-Balke Collender Cup, was donated to the NFL (then APFA) in 1920 by the Brunswick-Balke Collender Corporation. The trophy, whose appearance is only known by its description as a "silver loving cup", was intended to be a traveling trophy and not to become permanent until a team had won at least three titles. The league awarded it to the Akron Pros, champions of the inaugural 1920 season; however, it was discontinued and its current whereabouts are unknown.[38] A second traveling trophy, the Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy, was issued by the NFL from 1934 to 1969, and each champion was also awarded a replica trophy to keep. The current location of the Ed Thorp trophy, like that of its predecessor, is unknown, the predominant theory being that the Minnesota Vikings (the last team awarded the trophy) somehow misplaced it after the 1969…show more content…
CBS televises all Sunday afternoon AFC intraconference games, while FOX does likewise for the NFC.[46] If a game is interconference, the conference affiliation of the visiting team determines which network will host the game.[47] NBC carries the primetime Sunday Night Football package, the NFL Kickoff game, and a primetime Thanksgiving game. ESPN carries all Monday Night Football games.[46] The NFL's own network, NFL Network, carries Thursday Night Football games.[48] The Super Bowl television rights are rotated on a three-year basis between CBS, FOX, and NBC (in that order).[46] In 2011, all four stations signed new nine-year contracts with the NFL to run until 2022; CBS, FOX, and NBC are each estimated by Forbes to a combined total of USD 3 billion (27 billion in total over the nine-year contract), while ESPN will pay 1.9 billion a year.[49] The league also has deals with Spanish-language broadcasters Telemundo and ESPN Deportes, which air Sunday and Monday Night Football, respectively.[50][51] The NFL has a blackout policy in which games are 'blacked out' on local television if a stadium is not sold out. Clubs can elect to set this requirement at only 85%, but they would have to give more ticket revenue to the visiting team, and they can request an exemption from the NFL for the game. The vast majority of games are not subject to the blackout rule, with

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