Phenyl Benzoate Lab Report

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EXPERIMENT ( 3 ) Topic : The preparation of Phenyl Benzoate from benzoyl chloride Introduction : The preparation of phenyl benzoate (ester) from phenol and benzoyl chloride is an esterification. In this experiment, you are requested to prepare and purify phenyl benzoate by some techniques. Chemicals : Phenol, Benzoyl chloride, Dilute NaOH, Methanol Procedures : 1. Dissolve 1 g phenol in 15 cm3 dilute NaOH using a 50 cm3 quickfit flask. 2. Add 2 cm3 benzoyl chloride, stopper the flask and shake vigorously for 15 minutes. At the end of this time, a solid product should be obtained. 3. Filter off the solid at the pump, breaking up any lumps on the filter paper with a spatula. Wash thoroughly with water and drain. 4.…show more content…
Recrystallise the crude ester from methanol using a quantity of hot solvent approximately twice the minimum required for complete solution (This is to ensure that the phenyl benzoate does not separate until the temperature of the solution has fallen below the melting point of the ester). Phenyl benzoate separates as colourless crystals. 5. Determine the melting point of the product. Results : Yield (mass in gram) = __________________0.128 g_____________________ Melting point of pure phenyl benzoate (OC) = ___________70O______________ Melting point of your phenyl benzoate (OC) = ___________69O______________ Questions : 1. Why do we use NaOH solution to dissolve phenol rather than water in step 1 ? Because NaOH can be use to change the phenol to ion form, which can be more soluble in the aqueous

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