Power of Motherly Love Essay

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POWER OF MOTHERLY LOVE It has been years since Mother told me this true life story. This story made me realise the greatness of motherly love. In the olden days, it is known that couples raise many more children than we do now because of the lack of family planning, contraceptives and birth control methods. One of my mother’s cousins, Susan, got married when my mother just reached the age of four. She gave birth to five children and was pregnant with her sixth child when her husband passed away because of a type of disease. Susan was uneducated and had to raise five young children single-handedly. Fortunately, her two eldest daughters were very sensible and mature. After Susan gave birth, she entrusted her daughters with the baby when she went out for work. During late afternoon at about three, Susan will start cooking dinner for her children and will hand the baby over to her daughters. At four, she will set off for the abattoir, her workplace. Her daughters would be in charge and will put the baby to sleep at eight. Susan’s works ends at five in the morning and she will make her way back home. Then, she will start cooking breakfast for her children and right after that, send them all to school. While her children is at school, she will rest and sleep for about three to four hours before cooking lunch and fetching her children back from school. This whole process is her daily routine. You can imagine how hard it is for her. Many students nowadays gets more than six hours of sleep and on the following day still complain about how tired they are. However, Susan sleeps less than five hours, raise six children and work and does not even utter a word of complaint. My mother’s family took pity on Susan and wanted to help. My grandmother would usually ask my mother and her siblings to put aside toys and clothes that they no longer wear of need. She would also

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